Yard of The Month

Our Beautification Committee has asked that the following announcement be made!

Hello Neighbors!

For decades the community of Fairway Estates has been well known for it’s natural beauty and well kept homes and yards. In celebration of that, the Yard of the Month program has been developed to reward exceptional landscape maintenance in the community. Does your neighbor, wife, husband or child have a green thumb? Is their yard the envy of the neighborhood?

If so, share the beauty while providing them their due recognition. Nominate them for a Yard of the Month award. Winners will receive a sign to place in their yard, a write-up in the FECA Newsletter, Facebook Page and website. To nominate your yard, or your neighbors yard, email beautification@fairwayestates.org with the following information:

(a) Address, name of resident and phone number.

(b) A short narrative describing what makes it deserving of the Yard of the Month award.

Our first award will be for November, with a special judging in late December for Holiday Yard of the Month.

The purpose of the Yard of the Month Program is to:

1. Encourage responsible lawn and landscape maintenance in the neighborhood.

2. Recognize neighbors who demonstrate exceptional efforts to maintain and improve their property in a manner that contributes to the overall beauty of the neighborhood at large and the health of our water resources.

3. Share information between neighbors on Florida Friendly landscape design, lawn care, plant selection and maintenance.

Attached are the criteria, guidelines and judging factors. You can also find this information on the website at —————– and on the FECA Facebook Page. Judging will be done by members of the Beautification Committee.

Nominate your favorite yard today by emailing beautification@fairwayestes.org!


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