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June 22, 2020


I am compelled to post this message as President of the Fairway Estates Community Association.  This message is based on requests from residents, as well as from the City of Dunedin Code Enforcement Division.  While this is a sensitive topic, I ask you read with an open mind, withholding judgement or posturing.  This is an apolitical request…not a directive or mandate, but a request.

In the short time I’ve lived here I’ve seen inspiring actions of neighbors helping neighbors.  These include; hurricane prep and recovery, financial struggles, family hardship, support for neighbors with health issues, crime awareness, volunteering, social events bringing us together in common celebration, and all the twists and turns of the Covid-19 pandemic where we’ve tried to help each other.  There are so many events…big and small and too numerous to count, that makes this a truly special neighborhood.  Do we have differences?  Absolutely!  That’s one of the great things about us.  Despite the differences, we still try to help and look out for neighbors, many of whom have different views and beliefs.  However, there is a sentiment nudging in that risks eroding this cherished neighborhood trait.  As I’ve traveled across the country there is a sentiment where differences are acknowledged, but people are adamant their opinions and views are absolute, regardless of views of others.  This approach creates an “us vs. them” environment putting people at odds, rather than a “let’s discuss and agree to disagree”.  

Recently City of Dunedin Code Enforcement has stepped up citing violations of the city code.  For our neighborhood, they asked if I could raise people’s awareness of the codes.  This is not a targeted message, but a renewed effort to provide a general awareness especially as the country prepares for the upcoming election season.  Click here for a city provided info sheet, and a link to the city code site.    I confirmed with the city that this specific policy includes signs and flags.  Our country is wrestling with tensions on many fronts.  My REQUEST is that you consider your neighbors, our neighborhood and city codes before acting.     

All residents of Fairway Estates are required to comply with City of Dunedin codes including election sign codes.  Only the City of Dunedin can enforce these codes.  Fairway Estates no longer has Deed Restrictions, to include code enforcement.  The Fairway Estates Board has no authority to cite code violations.  I can’t speak to the city’s past enforcement policies on various code issues.  Those questions should be directed to our city officials.  I’ve seen message traffic and conversations about apparent past inconsistent enforcement, beliefs that the codes violate civil rights, are a constitutional infringement and others.  I have not, nor will I enter any of those conversations.  I believe political opinions and views are not for casual conversations but reserved for the privacy of the voting booth and civic involvement.  I’m not saying this applies for everyone — but I’m sharing why you won’t see me blogging, texting, tweeting, or being part of an unending email trail that has no end goal.  Regarding the codes, please avoid fanning the flames of directionless hostility and animosity with no aim to fix what you may passionately believe to be in our best interest.  If you believe these codes are wrong, I encourage you to engage in the local system to change them.  My intent is to try to maintain a harmony that this neighborhood is known for. 

Thank you for your time.

Matthew Stevens, Fairway Estates President

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