History of Fairway Estates

In 1906, Baron Otto Quarles von Ufford arrived here from Holland and built himself a mansion on the site of the Dunedin Country Club. After a few years, he decided things were too quiet in North Pinellas and left for a livelier social life in Tampa.

In 1926, a land development company out of Detroit purchased the von Ufford land. They built a golf course, platted several subdivisions, and paved and landscaped the elegant four-lane Palm Boulevard from US 19A to Lake Saundra.

When the Great Depression hit, drying up tourist and homebuyer funds, the developer was forced to turn over the property to the mortgage holder, who sold it to a local businessman, who in turn sold it to H&M Groves (D. Guy McMullen, President) for $1,000 an acre.

Approved in 1953, the original section of Fairway Estates stretched along Palm Boulevard. The lot at 1141 Palm Blvd. was the site for the first home, built for J. Frank Hancock. During the next ten years, other sections were developed, with Mangrum and Sarazen Drives being the 8th and 9th additions, respectively.


View of Palm Boulevard from across Lake Saundra circa 1962.

The Fairway Estates Community Association was formed on February 18, 1958, to ensure that deed restrictions and covenants would be enforced.