About FECA including details on Dues

The Fairway Estates Community Association (FECA), Inc., is a voluntary neighborhood association and a Florida non-profit corporation. FECA was formed in 1958.

The objectives of the corporation are to:

  • protect and advance the mutual interests of its members;
  • encourage friendly relations between its members;
  • improve and beautify common areas of the subdivision.

An all-volunteer Board of Directors is chosen to represent the members at regularly scheduled board meetings. Each director is expected to serve a term of three years. Each year, the directors elect four officers and appoint heads of the various committees, who in turn, may appoint committee members subject to board approval.

If a vacancy occurs for any reason among the officers or directors, the remaining members of the board shall elect a successor for the unexpired term by majority vote.

An annual voluntary assessment fee of $45.00 supports the mission of the Association and is collected in January each year and due by February 1.  Click Here  to download and print a copy of the Dues Payment Form. The dues cover, among other things:

  • the maintenance and lighting of all entrances;
  • the maintenance of Lake Saundra Park, including regular mowing and water quality/invasive plant treatments;
  • publication of a newsletter three times a year and a printed directory every two years;
  • refreshments for special events;
  • maintenance of a website.

The President may appoint a committee, to include and be chaired by the Treasurer, to prepare a budget for the association. This budget shall be presented to the board at its regular meeting in January. An approved budget shall be adopted by a majority vote of the members of the board present and voting, and presented to the membership at large at the annual meeting in February.

If you think that any of your personal information has changed including your mailing address, phone numbers or email addresses please Click Here to complete the form to provide your updated information.    Forms can be printed out and completed  or completed on your screen and saved as a file to your computer and then emailed to treasurer@fairwayestates.org.   If you aren’t able to print the form or complete it on screen and email it on, feel free to just email any changes.

Special Note to Lenders and Title Companies – as we are a voluntary Community Association, we do NOT prepare Estoppel Letters.